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Dear Guests
Welcome to the website of the Glecksteinhütte.
On this website, we would like to give you an impression of the Glecksteinhütte, show you some nice pictures of the area and provide you with interesting facts about this place.
The Glecksteinhütte is THE destination to begin or end YOUR mountain experience!
It would be a pleasure to see you soon on "Gläckstein"!

The hut is closed!

Please check our calendar to see if we still have available beds or not.
In a few steps, it is possible to make an online-reservation. It is necessary to set up a login. After that, you can customize or cancel your reservation.
For a last minute booking please call us in the hut:
+41 (0)33 853 11 40

Please read our General Terms and Conditiones. [34 KB]

Have a look at the following video. Two families from the USA explain the hike to the hut!

Accessing the hut
From Grindelwald, the Wetterhorn and the trail to the hut are already well visible. The trail is one of the most spectacular routes in the region. It is important that you are used to walk in difficult conditions and that you are not afraid of heights as the trail is sometimes very exposed. There are some steel cables along the way to hold on to (there are no climbing sections). Caution: During heavy rain and thunder storms it is not safe to use the trail.

Ascent from the hotel Wetterhorn: 3h 30min
Ascent from the Gleckstein bus turnoff: 2h 45min
Difficulty on the SAC alpine hiking chart: T3

By public transportation: Take the train from Interlaken Ost to Grindelwald. Change to the bus to Schwarzwaldalp-Meiringen and get off at the stop “Glecksteinhütte”.
Enter Grindelwald, Abzw. Gleckstein in the SBB timetable.

Or you take the local bus in Grindelwald (Oberer Gletscher) and you get off at Hotel Wetterhorn (Oberer Gletscher) and you start your ascent from there. Enter Grindelwald, Oberer Gletscher in the SBB timetable.

By car: Drive to Grindelwald and through the whole village up to the Hotel Wetterhorn (Oberer Gletscher). There is a big parking (chargeable).

By bicycle: You can ride your bike up to the Gleckstein bus-stop (and continue to Meiringen via Grosse Scheidegg after visiting the hut).

There are two starting points of the trail:

>>>>Directions from Hotel Wetterhorn (Oberer Gletscher): Follow the signposts “Glecksteinhütte”. The trail follows the road for about 200m and then goes off to the right in the first bend. Then it continues to NE past Pt. 1322 (Ischboden) to Pt. 1590. Time to here: 1h. Here, the trail from the hotel and the trail from the Gleckstein bus-stop merge.

>>>>Directions from the Gleckstein bus-stop: Go back to the last bend of the road and follow the signpost and the trail to the “Gleckstenhütte”. At Pt. 1590, the two trails merge. Time to here: 15min

Now the trail becomes really steep and exposed! The first thing is to cross the avalanche debris which can last until fall. Then you continue to the NW-flank of the Wetterhorn and take the trail “Ischpfad”. A little bit above the cable car station the trail changes to the SW-flank. After a long and flat descent to the waterfall (Caution! wet and slippery surface!) the trail starts to climb again. From here, it is a mix of grass and rock sections along the trail.

Alternative routes to the hut
There is only one trail for accessing the hut. Because this trail itself is very interesting, spectacular and entertaining it should be no problem to walk it twice. Besides the routes from Hotel Wetterhorn and from the bus-stop, there are othere alternative routes that you could take.

>>>>From the middle station Bort of the First cable car or the Berghaus Bort:
This worthwhile route leads you from the other side of the valley closer to the Wetterhorn. The Berghaus Bort is perfect for your accommodation.
Take the First cable car to the first middle station “Bort”. Follow the signs “Unterer Lauchbühl – Höhenweg 1600m”: Wittegg – Schäftigenmoos – Berijen – Wandela – Brandtor – Holzmad – Brichisegg – Lauchbühl.
Continue on the trail to a cabin. From there follow the tracks (Lugibach, Chalberwäldli, no signs) over a forest glade straight to the Gleckstein trail. Time to the merging of the trails at Pt. 1590: 1h30min from Bort. Continue to the Gleckstein hut on the main trail. Time to the hut from Bort: 3h 50min.

>>>>From the train station Grindelwald:
If you want to start your ascent from the train station or your downtown hotel, we recommend the following route. There are however paved roads and trails in town that can not be avoided. Nevertheless it is very nice to walk this route.

Mountain experience trail
Along the whole trail, there are five different information boards about the resettlement, the life, and a lot of interesting facts about the ibexes. With some luck you might see them close to the trail or in the evening when they are licking salt near by the hut.

Useful Information

Arrival: We would like to welcome you in the Glecksteinhütte! Please check in at the reception when arraving at the hut. We give you useful information and show you your room at the check-in.
Information: During the seasion it is best to call us at +41 (0)33 853 11 40. The rest of the year we answer your requests via mail or at +41 (0)33 821 08 54
Payment: We encash the sleepover in the evening before you go to bed. Depending on the situation, we decide if you can pay all your drinks together in the evening or each drink after ordering it.
We accept cash (Euros: current rate) as well as Post-, EC/Maestro-, Master- or Visa-Card.
We also accept REKA-cheques.
Shower: Due to our hydroelectric power station, we have nearly everytime enough water and a heated boiler. A shower costs 3 francs.
Electricity: Owing to our hydroelectric power station we have nearly everytime enough electricity. So it is no problem to charge your batteries or the mobile battery. But you need to take your own batteries with you.
E-Mail: Only for possible requests. Please use the online-reservation-system for a booking.
Breakfast: The breakfast with coffee, warm milk or tea is included in the half-board. We agree the time of the breakfast in the evening.
Terms and conditions: The Swiss Alpine Club has made uniform AGB [34 KB] (terms and conditions) for all the huts in Switzerland.
Luggage-deposit: Material you will not need for your tour can be stored temporarily in the shoe-room in small baskets. If you stay longer than one night, you can take the baskets and your material in your room.
Vouchers: During the whole year, we make with pleasure vouchers and send them to you. Please get in touch with us if you would like to order a voucher.
Slippers: In the shoe-room, next to the entrance, are enough slippers for our guests. They can be used in the hut as well as in the area around the hut.
Dogs: Dogs are welcome. Appropriate the terms and conditions of the SAC, it is not allowed to take pets in the rooms. Therefore, we have installed a place for the dog in the dandruff. A cover is available. We can only take one dog per night. If you would like to come with your dog, it is absolutely necessery to call and inform us about this fact!
Internet: Outside of the hut, you have well phone reception for a talk and to get online. Sometimes we open the W-lan for our guests. This can be used to check the weather or make tour-planning. W-lan service is not guaranteed!
Childern: Please consider that the path to the hut is very exposed. Children are roped up often. Otherwise, the path from the bus-stop "Gleckstein" is 'only' 2h30min long and very varied.
Feedback: We receive gladly a feedback from our guests. Praise is of course very welcome and anytime a good motivation for our job. Please let us immediately know if you are dissatisfied so that we can talk about the discontent and find together a good solution.
Packed lunches: If you would like to buy a packed lunch or sandwiches, please order them in any case in the eve.
Tea & Water: Hot tea and cold, drinkable water, is every morning on the hut wall. You can fill your bottles by your own.
Dinner: We serve dinner at 6.30 pm. The meal consists of soupe, salad, a main course and a dessert. If we cook meat, you can book in advance a vegetarian alternative. We can also cook a compatible meal for lactose intolerant guests or for celiac diseased people. Please inform us while booking your room if you have any allergy. Please call us immediately if you are not able to reach the hut before 6.30 pm.
Sleep: Sleep is like on the other SAC-huts at 10 pm. We serve the breakfast for the alpinists at 3am. Like this, we and the climbers can enjoy the fast night. Whether you are not too loud, you can gladly enjoy a glass wine or a drink and die away the day.
Opening hours: From the middle of June until the begin of October.
Online booking: Nothing easier than that! You can choose in the calendar the date and you will be guided step after step through the reservation-system. Please save the confirmation-mail or note your login-data. You will need it for later adaptions, supplement or cancellation of the booking.
Reservation: Please check our calendar to see if we still have available beds or not.
In a few steps, it is possible to make an online-reservation. It is necessary to set up a login. After that, you can customize or cancel your reservation.
For a last minute booking please call us in the hut:
+41 (0)33 853 11 40

A booking is in every case definite and binding! If it is not possible for you to come, please call us as soon as possible!
Sleeping: All beds are appointed with a duvet and a cussion.
We wash the bedlinen 2 or 3 times per season. We recommend highly for your personal hygiene (and the one of the next guests) to use a silk or a linen sleeping bag.
Cancellation: Your transacted booking (online or by phone) is always definitive and binding. We prepare dinner and reserve the beds for you at the booked date and we reckon that you will come even if the wheather is bad.

The last access time to your online-booking is also the end of the cancellation-deadline:
1-12 people the day before arrival (6.00 pm)
more than 13 people two days before arrival (6.00 pm)

There is only the following procedure counting:
- You cancel your reservation by your own in the online-booking-system
- If you do not have access to the booking-system (access forgotten, on the way) you need absolutely to call us on the following number +41 (0)33 853 11 40
If the wheather, its progress, the projection, the conditions et cetera are uncertain, please get in touch with us in any case until the end of the cancellation-time. We will discuss the following aproach and make a reservation for another date.

By nonappereance without cancellation we will bring you to account the whole arrangement.
Daily visite: You are very welcome as a daily-visitor! We have a nice food- and beverage-menu. We will be glad whether you inform us when coming as a numerous visitor group.
Telephone number at the hut: +41 (0)33 853 11 40
Private telephone number: +41 (0)33 821 08 54
Water / drinkable water: Numerous mountain creeks spring near by the hut. In the washroom and in the shower with costs is always enough water. Due to a filtersystem, we can sell drinkable water from the spring in the kitchen.
Winter room: The winter room can not be used during the season because it is our storeroom. In winter, the winter room and two rooms on the 1st floor are open. There is a wood-cooker and enough pans, cutlery and plates. However, there is NO electrical light in the whole hut! (take candles and flashlights with you)
Access: From the bus-stop "Gleckstein" 2h30m, Hotel Wetterhorn (Oberer Gletscher) 3h20m, middle station Firstbahn "Bort" 4h, Grindelwald train station 4h30m, mountain station Pfingsteggbahn 4h15.