Hike & Fly

and smooth back into the valley

touch an go...

Paragliding in general and especially hike & fly is very trendy. Every year it gets more colorful in the sky above the Glecksteinhut. We can understand this fascination very well and we are very happy about every visit from paraglider pilots.

A launch site with a windsock is just a few meters above the hut. Perhaps the simplest, but certainly not the only option. If conditions allow, you can even take off from the Wetterhorn.
If you do not intend to fly further, you will find a comfortable landing spot in Grindelwald Grund or in Bodmi. With "föhn", but also with certain easterly winds, your glider remains probably better in the bag. The Gleckstein is worth a visit anyway!

Even as a pedestrian there is an opportunity to experience this very special kind of adventure. As a passenger together with an experienced piplace pilot! E.g. Roger Fischer from Grindelwald. Whenever time and conditions allow, he will be happy to come and pick you up here or you can come up together and enjoy a crispy hash brown before the flight.

SAC Glecksteinhütte

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