high above Grindelwald

come up...
emmerse yourself

...high above Grindelwald, located on a green terrace in the middle of the steep flanks of the Wetterhorn. Breathtaking views to the horizon and down into the valley are guaranteed.

A paradise for everyone who likes breaking away from the everyday and throwing yourself into an adventure.

Summer 2021

The next summer season is definitely coming and we can't wait for it! The start is expected on June 26th and will last until October 2nd.
To welcome you up there and to enable enjoyable hours far away from everyday life is our greatest wish.
So you are very welcome to the Gleckstein and have a good time.

Winter room in operation

It is also possible to spend the night at the Glecksteinhütte outside of the season. A couple of beds in the dormitory and a lounge with cooking facilities are available.

  • Bring your own food and drinks

  • Water, resp. Snow outside the hut.

  • No electricity and no light either.

  • Use firewood sparingly.

  • Pay taxes correctly.

  • Leave the hut clean and tightly closed.


  • 10 people maximum!

  • Only visit the Glecksteinhut in a healthy condition!

  • Reserve your place to sleep

  • Bring your own: hut sleeping bag, pillow case, towel, disinfectant, protective masks if necessary

  • Take your waste back to the valley (used hygiene items)



The Gleckstein hut is the perfect place to unwind. Exhausted after a demanding mountain trail run, with a full stomach after a portion of crispy "Rösti" or simply while you are looking out towards the horizon...

  • Dormitories

  • Comfort rooms

  • Cozy dining room

  • Sun terrace

  • Local products


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pretty stubborn

a place where horns are still shaken!

Up & down

With Grindelwald as a starting point, you are already in the middle of it but not quiet there yet!

2h 45' from the bus stop

3h 30' from the car park

...and even if you are there, it still goes higher!

A paradise for wildlife observation, families, mountaineers, paragliders and many more ...

Flora and fauna

pure nature...

The name speaks for itself! Here the ibex actually lick the salt from the surrounded stone wall. But nature has much more to offer around the hut.

Gleckstein Kitchen

simply good...

Regional culinary treats...

The Bernese Oberland has too much to offer to just be ignored. That's why we get our products mainly from local producers and regional suppliers.

SAC Glecksteinhütte

Sager & Benz GmbH
Hobacher 91a
CH-3814 Gsteigwiler

Hütte:  +41 33 853 11 40
Privat: + 41 33 821 08 54
Mobil:  +41 79 355 12 60

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