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on a high level! 2317 m a.s.l.

The fact that the Glecksteinhut was originally built as a hotel can still be felt today. The charm of the different rooms invites you to linger and enjoy the end of the day.

The largest and most beautiful "room" remains the beautiful terrace with an impressive view down to Grindelwald.

The beds in the dormitories and comfort rooms are all covered and equipped with duvets and pillows. However, the bed linen is not washed daily and therefore we very much appreciate it if you take your silk or linen sleeping bag with you.

  • Dormitory with 10-15 beds

  • Comfort room with 4 beds

  • Seminar and theory rooms

  • Communal toilets

  • Washroom

  • shower

Good and enough...

Of course, an overnight stay in a hut also includes a warm night. Half-board includes dinner with three to four courses and an extensive breakfast buffet. And a liter of tea on the go.

Half board

6:30 p.m. Dinner
7 am to 8 am breakfast buffet
(earlier for summiteers)

  • hot Suppe

  • Main course with
    Salad or vegetables

  • dessert

  • breakfast buffet

  • 1 liter of tea to take away

Daily offer

Throughout the day we offer a rich selection of hot and cold dishes and of course something sweet.


  • Glecksteinrösti

    22.00 CHF

    with bacon, alp cheese and fried egg

  • Tapbeer 5dl

    7.00 CHF

    Appenzeller Quöllfrisch

Christoph Sager

Glecksteinhut Hüttenguru

With five huts and a quarter of a century in the business, everything doesn't scare you anymore. The tension is still there and a lot of passion ...

Everything you need ...

Additional service

  • Charge cell phone, camera, GPS

    0.00 CHF
  • Rent a silk sleeping bag

    6.00 CHF
  • Postcards

    1.00 CHF
  • take a shower

    5.00 CHF
  • Tour tips

    0.00 CHF
  • Patch the soles of shoes

    0.00 CHF
  • Kitchen service

    0.00 CHF

SAC Glecksteinhütte

Sager & Benz GmbH
Hobacher 91a
CH-3814 Gsteigwiler

Hütte:  +41 33 853 11 40
Privat: + 41 33 821 08 54
Mobil:  +41 79 355 12 60

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